with guest Thomas T. Dahl


Planned release on Skaret Music autumn 2017

Recorded june 28. & 29. in the fantastic locations Rekstensamlingene in Bergen, Norway.

It has taken a while since my last album release, the live album "Clouds" in 2014, to get the recording of Ensemble done. But finally in early 2017, the financing came through and we managed to find dates where all of the musicians could come to Bergen to record.


We rented the faboulus Rekstensamlingene, which is tho housings of the late shipowner Hilmar Reksten. It now serves a museum and also as the location of the Professor Jiri Hlinka piano academy. In addition to the house itself beeing a fantastic place, the piano academy has quite a few grand pianos placed around the house. The Steinway D-model used on the Ensemble recording is a reason alone to go there. As it is possible to stay overnight at the house it is perfect for a location recording.


The quartet is: Erlend Slettevoll on piano, Eirik Hegdal on saxophone and clarinet, Stein Inge Brækhus on drums. Also Thomas T. Dahl plays guitar on four tracks. I play bass and wrote all the music. Stein Inge Brækhus engineered the whole session with his great mobile studio.


The recording is partially funded with support from Bergen Kommune and Fond for lyd og bilde.


Special thanks to Laila Nordø at Rekstensamlingene for having us over!





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