Ole Marius Sandberg

Musician, composer and producer

About me:

I am a professional musician on electric and acoustic bass living in Bergen, Norway.

I completed my education at Jazzlinja, which is part of the Trøndelag Music Conservatory (now known as the Institute of Music at NTNU), during the years 1996 to 1999.

Since then, I’ve performed in numerous concerts and different types of shows.

Mostly in Norway, but also in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada.

I am both an artist with my own band, and a versatile freelance musician working with jazz, pop, rock, folk and other genres. I have done a lot of theater work on musicals and various other plays.

I also write and produce music for my own quartet and for other projects. My own music is a kind of contemporary jazz. I have released three albums as an artist and I'm currently working on the next one.


Othervise noted, all pictures on this page is by Andreas Roksvåg

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Some current 2024 projects:

Ole Marius Sandberg quartet (from 2013). I am now finishing the music for our next album and planning the recording that is scheduled to october 2024.

Trøen/Arnesen quartet (from 2017). This band has for the last two years been touring with a piece of music originally comissioned of Elisabeth Lid Trøen for the festivals Vossajazz, Oslo jazz festival and Jazzfest in Trondheim. A video trailer is available here!

Voksne Herrers Orkester VHO (from 2014). VHO plays weekly concerts (around 35 each year) on mondays in Bergen with new guest artists every week. 

Scenedrøm (MD from 2018). A big art project for singers, actors and dancers with or without disabilities. Our last show premiered at the theater Den Nationale Scene november 2023. A video trailer is available here!

Freelancer with Sjøforsvarets musikkorps (from 2004).
Various productions through the year.

Trøen/Arnesen quartet. Photo by Øystein Haara 

Short and sweet, taglines are like punchlines.

Selected list of former projects:

  • Det Vestnorske Teateret - Musician, co-musical director and responsible for notating all the band arrangements on the series of theater productions Heim 1-4 (and the "best of"-show Heimatt). 2018-2023.
  • Det Vestnorske Teateret - MD, arranger and musician on the show Min Kenneth in 2021.
  • Håkon Kornstad - concerts with Tenor battle Norway and EU. 2012-2019.
  • Helene Bøksle - touring and recordings.  2008-2014.
  • Dag Arnesen trio, Norwegian song - touring Norway and Eu 2010-2018.
  • Odd Børretzen trio - with guitarist Thomas T Dahl. 2012.
  • Jan Eggum - concerts in 2005.
  • Herborg Kråkevik - concerts in 2007 and 2014.
  • Bergen big band with Terje Rypdal and Palle Mikkelborg - touring USA and Canada 2012.
  • Tours with gambian kora master Sanjally Jobarteh 2014-2015.
  • Christina Bjordal - touring and recording 2005-2008.
  • Erlend Skomvoll - touring and recording 1998-2003. Nominated for Norwegian grammy for
    the album SKOMSORK.
  • Erik moll - touring and recording 2009-2013. Won Norwegian grammy for country
    album Many years to go.
  • Ivar Kolve - touring with his trio and a quintet with his commissioned work Polyostinat.
  • Den Nationale Scene - Musician on the shows:  Ronja Røverdatter, La cage aux folles, Company, Hellemyrsfolket and the concert show Syng med. 2001-2024.

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Short and sweet, taglines are like punchlines.

My solo albums:

Skaret music 2018

Skaret music 2014

Or better still
Skaret music 2013

Selected session work:


I teach ensemble playing in a talent program -  and in a music technology program at Bergen school of music and arts (from 2005).

I design and build my own bass guitars! (Click here to browse)