About me:

I´m a Norwegian professional musician. I play electric and double bass. I write, arrange and produce music. 

Here is some of the things I´ve done in the past:


I studied jazz music at Jazzlinja, Trondheim music conservatory (NTNU) 1996-1999.

Since then, I have played 1000+ of concerts and different shows in Norway and also in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Lihuania, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada. 

I am a session player - working within a lot of genres. My own composed music is a kind of contemporary jazz. Read more about that here on my quartet page.

Funkhunter with VHO back in 2018. 
(headphones recommended).


Some of my featured projects and events year by year:


In 1997 and 1998, during my jazz studies,  I toured with my first band First Edition with Eirik Hegdal, Tore Johansen, Jan Gunnar Hoff and Thomas Strønen.

From 1999 until 2002 I worked with pianist and composer Erlend Skomsvoll in his band SKOMSORK with Thomas T. Dahl, Thomas Strønen and Eirik Hegdal on both touring and recording. SKOMSORK played Molde International jazz festival and toured in Norway and Estonia on a tour produced by the Norwegian jazz federation. The debut album, also titled SKOMSORK, was nominated for Spellemansprisen (Norwegian grammy). The band also did a show on Vossajazz 2002 with Skomsvolls comissioned work :Variasjoner. For that project the band was extended with the musicians Torben Snekkestad, Mathias Eick, Sveinung Lillebjerka, Ørnulf Lillebjerka og Stig Ove Ose. The concert was recorded and released as a live album on the label Grappa the same year.


In the same period I played with the quartet Mandala with Sissel Vera Pettersen (no), Magnus Forsberg (se) and Kaisa Kuulmala (fi) and toured the nordic countries supported by the Nordic cultural fund. Mandala recorded the album Mandala at the Sibelius academy recording studio in Tuusula, Finland in 2001 and it was released on Acoustic records in 2002.


I was now living in Bergen, Norway and working both as a band member and a freelance musician in a lot of genres.
 For a long period from 2000 I toured for the producer Musikk i Nord Trøndelag with pianist Olav Kallhovd and his trio.


In 2004 I got the gig with singer Christina Bjordal and played on her debut Brighter days on Universal music. I also toured with her with Espen Eriksen on piano and Harald Levang on drums. I played on one track on her follow up album Warrior of light, also on Universal music.


In 2005 I played live shows with EMI pop artist Nathalie Nordnes and in 2007 I did shows with artist Herborg Kråkevik.


In 2008 I joined singer Helene Bøksle in her touring band for concerts in Norway (and a couple in Germany) and played on her two albums Det hev ei rose sprunge and Svalbard.


In between, I did a lot of shows at Bergen biggest theater Den Nationale scene (up until 2016). In 2007 I started touring for the producers Fylkeskonsertene i Hordaland and Rikskonsertene doing concerts for children with singer/songwriter Erik Moll, the gambian kora master Sanjally Jobarteh and the ensemble Jongo (up until 2017). This year I also did a gig with Carl Størmers concept Jazzcode.


In 2009 I started working with Dag Arnesen trio with the Norwegian song concept. Alongside pianist Dag Arnesen and drummer Pål Thowsen I did some tours with this project in Norway, Italy and Slovenia. We also played in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010 and I still play with Dag Arnesen in his trio.


In 2012 I played for the first time with Håkon Kornstad on his crossover project Tenor Battle on Balejazz. I also toured alongside guitarist Thomas T. Dahl in Odd Børretzen trio. I did a tour in USA and Canada with Bergen big band with Terje Rypdal & Palle Mikkelborg. I also toured with the norwegian folk rock band Hekla Stålstrenga.


In 2013 I founded my own contemporary jazz quartet with Eirik Hegdal (sax), Erlend Slettevoll (pno) and Stein Inge Brækhus (dr).  We recorded my debut album Or better still in january 2013 and it was released in may the same year at the same time as we played a concert at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen.


In 2014 I played on the album Grieg, Tveitt & I alongside drummer Ivar Tormodsæther in Dag Arnesen trio extended with a string quartet. In 2014 I started playing regular monday gigs (I´m still playing these weekly gigs) with Voksne herrers orkester with Steinar Krokstad, Harald Dahlstrøm and Thomas T. Dahl. Check it out on my video page. I also did a tour with my quartet produced by Vestnorsk Jazzsenter. The tour was recorded and we released the live album Clouds in october 2014.


In 2015 we did a tour with my quartet produced by Nordnorsk jazzsenter in Norway, and we also did a gig at Music festival of composers' E. Grieg and M. K. Čiurlionis in Kaunas, Lithuania. I also played with Håkon Kornstad Tenor Battle in Salzurg, Austria.


In 2016 we recorded the Dag Arnesen trio album Pentagon tapes. It was released january 2017. I also toured with Ivar Kolve on his project Polyostinat alongside Kåre Kolve, Torstein Lofthus and Jørn Øien. I played with Håkon Kornstads Tenor Battle on the festival Jazzahead in Bremen, Germany.


In 2017 I played with artist Sondre Bratland on Festspillene i Bergen and recorded my quartet album Ensemble. It was released february 2018.


2018 - a lot of freelance stuff, including a lot of concerts with Voksne Herrers Orkester, the box office hit "Heim" on Hordaland Teater, Trøen/Arnesen quartet on Nattjazz (and several other events on the west coast), and Sondre Bratland in Stavanger concert house. I released my third album Ensemble in february and I both played on and co-produced the Ivar Kolve release Polyostinat to mention a few things.

2019 - This year has started kind of similar til last year. Another box office hit and 50 shows with "Heim 2" on Hordaland teater, where I played bass and also wrote a lof of the sheet music. My monday gig with Voksne Herrers Orkester goes on as usual, and I visited Bremen and opened the Jazzahead festival with Håkon Kornstad trio just before easter. Now I am mainly focusing on my own music with my quartet and will hopefully be writing some new music as the year proceeds. I will also be playing som festival concerts on Trondheim Jazz Festival and Oslo Jazz Festival with Trøen/Arnesen quartet this summer. Some of the session work I´ll be doing this autumn is: a lot´s of school concerts for kids in Bergen,  and a satire theater play called "Min venn fascisten" on Hordaland teater starring among others Lars Lillo Stenberg and Karoline Krüger. 
I am also musical director for a massive crossover project called "Scenedrøm" that will premiére in Bergen in the beginning of november.


Here are some of the jazz albums I have played on.

You can find them on most online music services like Spotify, Google music etc. My own albums are available via my bandcamp page.

And here are some of the session work albums in various i´ve played on:


Email: olemarius @ olemarius.com

Phone: (+47) 99 04 28  20